August 25, 2003

On the way home..

At a book reading today by Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X and Microserfs. Strange event, where he referred to himself in the third person, conducted a one-man Q and A session and slipped into Simpsons characters (he's a closet Millhouse fan). On the way home came across the most beautiful woman I've seen for months. That she's plastic is neither here nor there.

This is not an anti feminist statement. All truly beautiful women are inaccessible to regular men, so they may as well be made of plastic, flesh and blood, titanium or simply be a virtual entity for the difference it makes. For example, I was talking today to my friend Lynette about the '6 degrees of separation'; that is the idea that everyone is connected to everyone else through no more than 6 contacts. Lynette has an actor friend who has worked with Leonardo DeCaprio - so Lynette knows Leo in 2. Leo knows Kate Winslet from that wonderful film Titanic - so Lynette knows Kate in 3. Therefore I know Kate in 4. This is both exciting and meaningless. Lynette might introduce me to Gary, who could in turn introduce me to Leo, who will then take me over to meet Kate. As this isn't going to happen Kate will never become for me an 'in the flesh' person and will stay an artificial entity. Sad as that may be (for me anyway).

August 10, 2003

Another Month...another place

The Cow Parade in Brussels

Chess players in Brussels bar - also frequented by Gary Kasparov

The Atonium